The first film of VR STORYTALES. It is a story of a man who after a fight with his wife gets into a car and have a car accident… He falls into a coma and has become into his astral body – the soul that comes out of his body and trying to find it back. But first must solve certain situations from the past… Reaching down to his childhood and his difficult relationship with his father.

DIR: Paweł Jóźwiak-Rodan DOP: Artur Frątczak CAST: Kamil Rodek, Ksenia Tchórzko, Michał Staszczak, Mariusz Jakus EDITOR: Paweł Makowski, Rafał Stós SOUND: Artur Walaszczyk PRODUCTION & POSTPRODUCTION CREW: Pawel Jozwiak-Rodan, Mikołaj Kret, Dominika Kłoczewiak, Adrian Jasion, Piotr Kania, Mariusz Pietruszka, Michał Michałowski.


2. Memories of love

It is a story of one man/woman (you can choose the gender) from the day of his/her birth till his old age showing his moments of love. First kiss in the elementary school. Then high school and a first date in the cinema and then his/her first time… First break up and tears after that. Engagement. Wedding. First child. Second child and so on…  until the old age together.

3. High school Revenge

The story of a young man named Tim who is a victim of bullying by some of his classmates at school. After being beaten and thrown into a bucket in the school toilet he comes back home and starts playing a computer game about killing people. He is playing it in madness. He abreacts moving to play his emotions. He is still nervous after the school incident. Suddenly he stops playing computer game and sneak to his parents’ bedroom. He takes his father’s gun…

INSPIRATION: The 30′ film of the creator of VR STORYTALES Pawel Jozwiak-Rodan’s EIGHT9:

4. After effects

We are at an all night long New Year’s Eve party at a house with a swimming pool. In the beginning we can choose what stimulant we will use: drugs (marihuana, cocaine, LSD), alcohol (beer, vodka, whisky), or we can choose to stay sober. Depending on the stimulant we’ve chosen we will see the party from a different perspective and interact differently with the same people.

5. Eden VR

The story about two gardens… One is the Eden, the second one is Olive Garden. One with Adam & Eve, second with praying Jesus. You can visit both of them because they are connected – Olive garden and Eden have a special portal you can go through seeing different part of the scenes which had happend there:

Olive garden – Jesus is praying, with his hands raised. Four drops of sweat on his forehead. A bit further, under the apostle tree, you can see a barely visible figure of an angel. As you go further behind the garden, on the bridge you will see soldiers led by Judas. Eve is standing in front of Adam and gives him an apple. Next to her there is a snake… Walk between two gardens in VR experience…



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